Corky Gainsford is a singer, songwriter, producer, drummer, and artist from Las Vegas, NV. His drive, dedication, creativity, and tireless work ethic have helped him forge a unique path in the music and entertainment industry.

Corky is currently the singer and songwriter for CODE RED RIOT, who released their debut album ‘Mask’ worldwide on June 29, 2018 via Sony RED Music. Corky took on multiple roles in the creation of Mask, performing all the vocals, drums, bass, and rhythm guitar, while also co-producing the album alongside Shawn McGhee (Five Finger Death Punch, Disturbed, Papa Roach, Hellyeah). The album has received critical acclaim through a number of industry press outlets, and the first single “Living Low” can be heard regularly on Sirius/XM Octane.

Previous to Code Red Riot, Corky was well-known for his work as the drummer and managing member of OTHERWISE (Century Media Records) from 2010-2015. OTHERWISE was plucked from obscurity in 2011, after Corky produced, co-wrote, mixed, and played drums on “the first song by an unsigned band to reach #1 in the history of satellite radio” via Sirius/XM Octane. That milestone led directly to the band signing a multi-album record contract with Century Media Records.

CODE RED RIOT : “Bulletproof” Official Music Video

CODE RED RIOT : “Killing The Kings” Lyric/Performance Video

CODE RED RIOT : “Living Low” Official Music Video




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